"Basilicata Culture" is project work, permanent cultural observatory, voice and and link to landscape
Our goals:

To create new conditions to activate projects and collective transformation processes: the landscape of Basilicata, meant in its widest sense (places, cultures, traditions, products), to be audited connected, disclosed and made accessible activating innovative paths that look to knowledge economy.
To establish a permanent cultural s in Basilicata, open to new opportunities, international markets and audiences.
To work at a transnational level to enter the European creative network and promoting a cultural and economic growth that is intelligent, sustainable and favourable to inclusion.
To determine international fund raising activities to support creative business projects involving young graduates from Basilicata (over 30% are unemployed and at risk of emigration) in the culture, tourism and landscape development industries.
To support cultural and creative industries in the innovation of promotion and enhancement processes towards new ways to offer and manage the cultural heritage in the spirit of sustainability.
To promote cultural actions, concerning cooperation and development, designed to set advanced policies and educational opportunities to raise awareness, collective consciousness and enterprising spirit.The first ongoing project has been created from the international schedule agreement between Basilicata Culture and La Vera Italia LLC for the promotion of agricultural products from Basilicata in the USA, Canada and other countries. For further information

Non-profit organizations, foundations, trade associations, agribusiness companies, artisans, cultural associations, cooperatives, tourism and culture commercial operators and other supporters are involved in the Basilicata Culture project, with the clear aim of creating new cultural conditions and activating real processes of collective transformation in Basilicata in the wake of the knowledge economy.

CNA [City of Matera provincial association] and CIA Basilicata are also involved within the schedule agreement La Vera Italia-Basilicata Culture.For further information

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