To convey respect for the landscape means safeguarding and increasing the value of authentic heritages of nature and memory. Describing and conveying a unique cultural landscape, to local inhabitants and to the international community that observes and wants to experience it, for the development of a consciousness that is mindful and sensitive to its values.
In light of this, a significant part of "Basilicata culture"'s activity is geared towards the creation of itineraries, paths and stories to fully know and experience Basilicata from a cultural and tourism point of view.

From the world of agricultural and artisan productions to artistic expression, from historic places to the ones devoted to creativity, from natural habitats to Parks: a distinctly coherent cultural landscape audited, linked, disclosed and made accessible through innovative paths that look to the knowledge and the experience economy.
This is a work in progress, that will create different thematic paths through words, pictures, sounds that can narrate and call to mind cultural landscapes that belong to all of us.
A project to link, in the spirit of ethical values and social responsibility, workers in the sector, companies, associations which can offer all the services required to guarantee the sustainability and the accessibility of the advanced cultural and tourism possibilities.

To experience the real Basilicata follow us on these pages.

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